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Every life is unique. That is why we take time and put in effort in coming up with the best gravestone to pay tribute to the life of your dearly departed. Gravestones are not simple masonry products and it takes experience and expertise to create one of great quality. That is why Bruce Jordan Memorials in Adelaide is here for you. We have learned the craft of monumental masonry from three decades of family dedication to bringing the best for every memorial. Serving uniquely designed tablets and gravestone Adelaide and the rest of the South Australian community, our team is headed by master monumental mason Bruce Jordan who has more than 35 years of experience in the field. Talk to Bruce today and let him help you out from inception to conception of your loved ones gravestone. Call us today at (08) 8240 3662 or 0414 735 684.

Uniquely Designed Gravestones

Gravestone Adelaide

With a wide variety of materials and designs, there is a limitless selection for your loved one’s gravestone Adelaide. Work with Bruce Jordan Memorials in Adelaide today and we will take care of it for you from the start to finish. For most of our gravestone designs, we use natural stones especially granite. It is smoothened and shaped through a diamond disc to give it a natural lustre without the need of any coating. The inscription can be written in gold colour using 23 carat gold leaf and generally lasts up to 25 years for upright gravestones, and about half of that time span for inclined or flat gravestones. Due to our high quality materials, workmanship, and equipment, our gravestones can last hundreds of years and will surely commemorate the life of your loved one. The monument can be installed at any time after the funeral as long as the beams or foundation have been established.

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Bruce Jordan Memorials is not only your gravestone and tablet mason in Adelaide but also your partner in dealing with this tough time of loss. Our personalized approach in dealing with our clients allows us to be compassionate and empathetic while delivering professional and quality service. We understand that dealing with loss and grief makes it even harder to deal with the details of the funeral, and that is why we want to take the worry off your hands. If you choose Bruce Jordan Memorials, you will only have to discuss the design and details of the gravestone to us during inception, and as soon as we agree with the quote, we will take care of everything for you. With our high working standards, we are able to deliver the gravestone that will surely promote the memory of the departed loved one and celebrate his life with his family and friends.

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Let Bruce Jordan Memorials create the monument or gravestone for you. Visit us at 58 Athol St., Athol Park, SA or call (08) 8240 3662 or 0414 735 684.